Roof Storm Damage Repair Northern Virginia

Roofers of Arlington has taken pride in being the roof storm damage experts in DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia since 2009. Promptly we identify the damage, guide, and work with your insurance provider throughout the entire process. Recover quickly from storm damage; get roof repair from Roofers of Arlington, the best roofing company you can trust.

What to do after Storm Damage

The team at Roofers of Arlington is committed to making your property safe from the storms that come through, no matter how big or small they may be. We've been providing expert services for over 13 years now: From residential roof replacement, structural repair to commercial installation – we got everything you need. Our claims specialists work with home insurance provider, so you get adequate compensation based on documentation collected from the assessment - to give you a quick and easy process for repairs on any damaged roofs caused by a storm. We Specialize in:

  • Wind Damaged Roofs Replacement
  • Rain Damaged Roofs Replacement
  • Ice Storm Roof Damage Repair and Replacement
  • Commercial Flat Roof Storm Damage Repair and Replacement
  • Metal Roof System Installation Replacement
  • Composite Roofing Replacement

Hurricane winds can cause visible damage to your roof, even hail that rarely last longer than 20 minutes. And if you live in DC, which has 4 and a half months of the wet season, expect it will wear down your roof materials and could cause moisture to penetrate. This can lead to serious problems, including compromised structural integrity. Heavy accumulations of ice can also cause severe damage if roofs are left not maintained and unprotected.

That's why it's important to have an annual comprehensive roof check. A professional roofer will be able to identify any potential problems and provide solutions to keep your property in top condition. So don't wait until there's a problem - make sure you schedule a roof inspection with Roofers of Arlington today.

Benefits of Annual Roof Check


Annual Roof Check is the best way to ensure that your roofing system stays in good shape. It's a great preventative measure against potential storms and water damage, so you can rest easy knowing there'll be no need for costly storm damage roof repairs or replacement down the line! Inspections are mostly overlooked. Like cars, you need to get your roof checked to ensure it performs its full potential to secure your home and revenue won't get affected when a storm hits you.

Save Money

It can prevent you from paying for unnecessary services that aren't covered by your warranty.


Detecting any leaks and vulnerability before it turns into disaster does not only save you money but stress.

Easy Insurance Process

Regular roof inspections make it easier to file a claim and receive approval, giving homeowners and businesses the convenience, they need.


The job exceeded my expectations. The proposal was really thorough. The job was of a high standard. Roofers of Arlington has my highest recommendation.

George F.

Roofers of Arlington provided us with excellent service at a reasonable cost. Our estimate was given sooner than expected by a representative from Roofers of Arlington. The roofing team communicated with us throughout the process and performed an excellent job on the roof once they arrived on site. To complete the task, a Roofers of Arlington representative conducted a quality assurance assessment once their work was completed. Exceptional work! Roofers of Arlington will undoubtedly be used again in the future.

Mary H.

I spent a lot of time looking into roofing firms. I was seeking for accreditations, qualifications, and other similar things. Roofers of Arlington supplied a quotation, which stood out among the several roof inspections I got. That was really outstanding, and it demonstrates the company's integrity. They took the time to provide a quote. They installed a new roof, and I am very pleased with the results. They come highly recommended from me.

Frank S.

Work Order

Step 1

We'll contact you

Our offices will contact you ahead of time to coordinate your service, select materials, and ensure that your roof gets the care it needs.

Step 2

Protection of Personal Property

Your contractor's task will be to safeguard your property while fixing your roof. For siding, plants, walls, and shrubs, plywood and tarps are utilized for protection.

Step 3

When repairing an old roof

The old roof covering will be removed for a thorough inspection of the wooden substrate.

Step 4

The Inspection

During your examination, any rotten, soft, or moist wood will be replaced. This is required to guarantee a sturdy foundation for your roofing construction. This ensures that your shingles will not be damaged. Your roof's wood sheeting will be examined to ensure that it is properly fastened.

Step 5

Preparing Your Roof's Surface

The drip edge is fitted at all of your roof's edges once your wood decking has been prepped. This is a 90-degree bend in metal that prevents rain from leaking beneath your roofing material at the borders.

Step 6

Protection against water and ice

Installing a roof liner that will prevent any water leakage on your roof. It should be installed at all roof penetrations, such as roof joints, pipe flanges and chimneys, as well as at the bottom of the roof. This will prevent water and ice from penetrating the wood decking. This can cause cracks that will weaken the structure.

Step 7

Roofing Materials Will Be Installed

The base of your roof will be ready for the contractor to start laying materials as soon as all the necessary steps have been completed. The roofer will work from the bottom up. When ridge flashing, ridge vents and flashing need to be installed, they follow a specific procedure.

Step 8


Every day, the job site should be cleaned. Professional roofers think that when they depart, the site should be cleaner than when they came.

Step 9

Inspection at the End

Following the completion of your roofing replacement, you should conduct a thorough examination. It's critical to ensure that your roof was done correctly and that you approve of it.

The Roofing Experts in DMV

The storm can leave you with significantly damaged property- including your roof. Act Quickly - roof damage, if left unchecked, even a small hole or two, can quickly escalate into major damage on your roof. Every passing minute that damage goes unaddressed means you're more vulnerable to further damage.

Understand what type of damage to expect and how best to proceed after experiencing it to secure your home. Your safety is our utmost priority. Schedule a comprehensive roof inspection with one of our professional roofing contractors to help you with the storm damage assessment.

The Roofers of Arlington specializes in quickly identifying and taking care of any storm damaged roof. Our experts will inspect your roof and give you an estimate for repairs before proceeding with a plan.

Ask the Pros at Roofers of Arlington

We are the top-rated company in Northern Virginia; we have been repairing and installing residential and commercial roof across states. With 13+ years of knowledge and experience under our belt and an A+ rating with the BBB. Geared with expertise and experience in all types of roofing whether it’s residential restoration or commercial roof repair and installations. We guarantee a 100% seamless process from start to finish: you will only be working with licensed and insured roofing contractors that are highly skilled with up-to-date training, techniques, and knowledge.

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I file a claim?


All policies are different, but in most cases, homeowners have one year from the date of the storm damage. It's best to call a professional roofing contractor to have your roof inspected. Waiting too long to file a claim or repair your roof can only result in further damage.

Do I need a roofing contractor involved in the storm damage claim process?


Roofing contractors are trained professionals who know how to spot damage that insurance adjusters might overlook. They can also help you navigate the claims process and make sure you get a fair settlement. Having one involved can also help ensure it is properly restored or replaced.

Do we get an estimated cost from contractors for free?


A professional roofing contractor will inspect the roof and give an estimate of the cost to repair the damage. The quotation will include the cost of materials and labor but typically does not charge for storm damage estimates. However, companies have different policies; some may charge a fee if they find that the damage is extensive or requires a lot of work. Note that the total price varies depending on the type of damage and the size of your roof, and the materials you picked for the new repair or installation.