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When it comes to house roofs, you want the best material for longevity. Properly installed shingles on a roof and preventative maintenance will provide a long-lasting roof system from now on out - a roof that wasn't done correctly can only result in different problems in your home in the future and is likely to be much costlier.

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Why Properly Roof Installed is Important:

  • Improperly installed roof causes a weakening of your shingles on a roof
  • It can cause water to leak in
  • Seriously affect the structural integrity of your roof
  • It can cause loose shingles
  • Easy and prone to damage when hit by harsh weather

When having a new roof installed, the quality of the materials and installation matters, whether it's installing metal roofing on new construction or a complete replacement of asphalt shingles, the quality of work and contractor's credibility plays a vital role as it lays the groundwork for your roofing system's entire future.

What type of roof, materials to use, the cost, and location play a significant role when deciding. Below, we have listed a few things in our checklist you can tick before making that one final call:

  • Decide what material to use – consider the aesthetics, your budget, and lifespan of each product before purchase. Previously, we discussed "the most common roofing materials in our blog. Worthy of checking to get some helpful info.
  • Peel off or layering on – If you plan on getting a re-roof, you need to decide whether you will remove your existing shingles or just layer them on - installing a new roof over an old roof.
  • Choosing the right company – new roof installation is not something you take on yourself, so hiring professionals is the best you can do. Explore your options: make some calls to roofing companies in the area to get a comprehensive inspection; this will help you understand the current state of your home. Check if contractors are insured and skilled; the last thing you want is another costly repair and replacement. Lastly, request a quote. Roofing cost is not something you take lightly, so it's crucial to know more about the team you will hire.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a new roof take to install?


A new roof installation is a unique project, which makes it nearly impossible to give an exact time estimate. Roof installation can be done in a day on a small residential home. In order for this to happen, the materials must be delivered on time, with no weather complications.

Colonial, A-frame, and Cape Cod style roofing styles have a high height, making them more difficult to install. The steeper and higher your roof is, the longer it will take to complete your roofing project. A roofer's time estimate is based on the assumption that the weather will be favorable throughout. The best time to schedule a roofing project is during the warm, dry season. Even though roofers can work in harsh weather conditions, they can only do so when their safety is guaranteed. A roofer may have to wait until the weather improves if it's too treacherous to remain on your roof.

When is the best time to install a new roof?


During the time when winter is disappearing and the cold weather is moving on, homeowners are thinking of the many home improvement projects they can complete once it is pleasant to be outside again. The harsh winter weather can also cause leaks, drafts and cave-ins, so it's not unusual for homeowners to start thinking about replacing their roofs at this time of year.

For most areas of the U.S., spring is the best time for roof installment because winter is too cold, summer is too hot, and fall is too busy. When the temperature is below 45°F, asphalt shingles will not adhere to your roof and will not create the sealing that keeps them in place. Spring is therefore an optimal time to consider a new roof.

It is possible for the weather to be a bit unpredictable during the spring when you replace your roof. The interruption of rain during your installation might result in some delays, but roofers are accustomed to adapting to changes in weather and frequently have back-up plans in case the sky opens up. Spring storms don't have to be a hindrance to your installation (or parade) if you plan ahead.

Can a new roof be installed in the winter?


Winter can be an ideal time to install your roof, despite a few obstacles. Plus, since the roofing business slows down during winter, you can get the best deals.

Additionally, professional roofing contractors use numerous techniques to ensure your roof is not affected by cold temperatures.