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Looking for a licensed and seasoned roofing specialist? Fairfax VA roofers offers a wide variety of both roof replacement and repair services to residential and commercial.

Established in 2009 Roofers of Arlington has been serving Washington DC with trusted and quality workmanship for over 12 years.

We have installed and repaired more than 200 roofs in over 12 years. We have done everything from residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

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Quality Roofing

At Roofers of Arlington, we specialize in restoring, repairing, and maintaining residential, commercial and industrial roofs all over DC. We transform hundreds of homes and variety of different industrial and commercial buildings, including: warehouses, government buildings, apartments, hospitals, hotels, shopping centers, churches and a lot more!

We go above and beyond to offer the very best in roof repair, replacement and maintenance because we understand how vital your roof are to the overall well-being of your space.

With 12 of experience in the roofing industry, you can depend on our seasoned and professional team of roofing installers for all your roofing needs. We guarantee a roof system of the very highest quality. We stand behind every roof that we put on and we will be here in the future to help you in your next roofing needs.


Roofers of Arlington specializes in the installation and repair of both commercial and residential roof systems, providing the right solutions within your budget.

We provide our service for all types of buildings. Whether you are a homeowner or a business owner, we guarantee to provide quality service for your roof.


A one stop service shop for the best quality, most affordable residential roofing. Let the professional roofers at Roofers of Arlington help you choose the right material and fix every roofing issues you have within the budget.


Commercial builders and property managers trust us to complete work quickly with the highest quality, most dependable commercial roofing services without disrupting day-to-day business activities.

The Roofing Solutions We Offer

Roofers or Arlington has the versatility in management that guarantees high-quality roofing services with highly experienced and qualified seasoned roofing specialist to be competitive on all roofing projects. Never feel like you’re asking too many questions. Book an appointment and speak to a roofing professional now. Understand your roofing needs, we will evaluate and provide you options.

Roofing Insurance

Will your Insurance Cover Roof Repairs? Roofing insurance Claims can be one of the most stressfull times in your life. Insurance coverage depends on the policy's terms and the cause of the damage. While your insurance company might pay for your roof repairs, they might also deny your claim. Here's a quick process you can follow to get some financial assistance out from your insurance company.

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Roof Financing

Need a new roof but you can't afford it? We can find the right financing assistance for you. We can help you keep your home and family protected with payment plans that suits your budget. Learn more! Here's what you can do if you can't afford roof repair or replacement

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Roof Replacement Preparation

Proper roof replacement is vital - It's not just because of the rain and snow it keeps out. A well-installed roof can keep you and your family warm in winter and cool in summer - it is key to keeping your home in good condition. Sadly, many homeowners may not be aware of just how crucial their roof plays in their property's overall health and safety until major issues arise.

It is essential to have an annual roof inspection to avoid unnecessary costs and repairs or, worst, replacement. And when it’s time for a re-roof – it’s wise to prepare yourself and your family before your project even begins – read on.

  • Roof replacement checklist - A reputable roofing replacement companies will offer their preparation checklist for homeowners and business owners to give them a stress-free process from start to end (the list will provide them with detailed info of things they need to prepare and what to expect during the actual work and after).
  • Takedown any fragile decorations - We know that having a roof replacement contractor come in and work on your house can be disruptive. Taking down any fragile interior and exterior decorations beforehand will avoid unintentional injuries and damages.
  • Remove valuable things from your attic and cover up the rest. – During the tear-off process, your attic gets a good dusting of roofing debris that'll cover everything you have up in there (materials such as cut metal or shingles when contractors replace tiles on roof). Protecting your valuables will save you from getting a further headache.
  • Protect your landscape - tear off and replacing shingles on roof can be a messy job - tarping the landscaping around the base of your home is enough to cover any scraps of debris that come their way.
  • Cover your pool - you know that your pool is an investment! It increases your home's value when you resell, so covering it with a tarp until the entire roof replacement process makes sense.
  • Do your mowing and pruning before roof replacement day - If there are trees near your roof, you'll want to ensure they are trimmed properly to give the roofers enough room to work. Mowing your lawns before the crew arrives, on the other hand, will make the entire cleanup faster and more efficient.
  • Planning can make the event less stressful. The noise from tear-off or installation of roof tile is usually quite loud, so consider leaving while it's happening or making arrangements to have someone watch over kids and pets until the job is done will help.

The Most Trusted Roofing Company in DMV! (DC, Maryland, and Virginia)

Roof replacement or repair shouldn't be that tedious for any homeowner. Our professional contractor will guide you through the whole process and will take proper steps to protect your property when they're working on your roof.

Our team of experts are well equipped with expertise and knowledge in all types of roofs: flat, pitch, hip, or shed - we can handle it all.

Roofers in Fairfax has been installing and restoring roofs across states since 2009, our experience can guarantee an absolute result you will love. Our team's goal is to ensure that everyone, be it a homeowner or business owner in Fairfax, VA, has a fantastic experience with us and makes them feel confident about their purchase decision.

You can always expect our team members will be on time, courteous, and respectful of your property at all times. We give you our best before and after-sales service.

Voted as top choice roofers in Virginia, we strive to provide unmatched customer support and top-notch materials at competitive prices without compromising quality!

Got questions or roof issues? Act now! Call us and we are more than happy to help you!

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We are very impressed with the excellent results produced by this company. Not only you are guaranteed to deal with professional staff and contractor but this company can guarantee quality and quick service and recommends alternatives when applicable. Definitely will recommend their service

Joe Black

Frequently Asked Questions

Do roofers have to be licensed in Fairfax, VA?


A license is required for roofers who are working in Fairfax by Virginia law. When it comes to hiring a reputable roofing company, this is the first thing that should come to your mind.

Although most roofers are legitimate, it's important to deal with a professional who is certified. You can do this only if you check their licenses to operate and make sure they are legitimate.

Who installs metal roofs near me?


Finding a trustable roofer in Fairfax, VA has become a tedious and endless search, with tons of options and companies offering their services, claiming to be the best option for your project. A simple search on Google is enough to have a list of hundreds of contractors, but how can you choose the right one? We've been in business for over 12 years, and you must go with the quality and experience to get a metal roof properly installed.

At Roofers of Arlington, we use the latest technology to guarantee our work and our qualified and seasoned team is ready to guide you through every step of the process. You are just a call away to find the best roofer contractor in Fairfax, VA. You can schedule your consultation here: Book Phone Consultation

How much does a new roof cost in Fairfax, VA?


Based on the size of your roof and the quality of shingles you choose, the cost of installing a roof in Fairfax, Virginia ranges from $5,300 to $31,900. New roofs covering 1,500 square feet cost about $10,850 on average.

During the estimate process, a contractor will consider a number of factors that can affect how much your project will cost. Depending on the size of your home, the height of your house, and the type of roof shingles you choose, your roof installation project will vary in price.

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