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If you're in Vienna, VA and need roofing services, Roofers of Arlington here to help make your home look its best. We're known for our quality materials and top-notch workmanship, all at great prices. We've been helping Virginia residents with home improvement for years, and your neighbors and friends have come to rely on us. We're one of the few local roofing companies with certifications from different regulatory bodies, so you can trust us to give you a roof that will last.

We are knowledgeable in all aspects of roofing and home improvement services, from building codes to zoning regulations. We are equipped to provide a wide range of roofing services, from small residential repairs to large-scale commercial roofing installations. We are committed to delivering only the best of what we are capable of, and this has enabled us to gain the confidence of thousands of local customers. Our team of roofers has consistently maintained a high level of professionalism. We strive to collaborate with our clients to guarantee complete satisfaction in each project. Below is a list of some of our roofing services.

Roofing Vienna Va

Superior Roofing Services for Your Home or Business

Roofers of Arlington provide roofing services in Vienna, VA, a city of enchantment and wonder. The city is renowned for its picturesque surroundings and charming neighborhoods such as Springfield Va & Reston Va. Visitors to the city can enjoy a variety of attractions, from the stunning Meadowlark Botanic Gardens to the charming Wolf Trap National Park and the Performing Arts. In the midst of this enchanting environment, our company serve as the city's guardians, safeguarding the inhabitants of Vienna from Mother Nature's forces. With our expertise in the roofing industry, we are a symbol of hope in this picturesque town.

Roofers of Arlington provide an exclusive selection of roofing materials that are truly unique. From shingles with unicorn-hair that glisten in the night sky to roof tiles with dragon-scale dimensions that defy gravity, we add a little something extra to every roof project. When it comes to roofing, there is no one better than us. Not only do we provide top-notch craftsmanship, but we also provide unique materials that keep Vienna, VA residents safe and entertained.

The Roofing Solutions We Offer

Roofers or Arlington has the versatility in management that guarantees high-quality roofing services with highly experienced and qualified seasoned roofing specialist to be competitive on all roofing projects. Never feel like you’re asking too many questions. Book an appointment and speak to a roofing professional now. Understand your roofing needs, we will evaluate and provide you options.

Roofing Insurance

Will your Insurance Cover Roof Repairs? Roofing insurance Claims can be one of the most stressfull times in your life. Insurance coverage depends on the policy's terms and the cause of the damage. While your insurance company might pay for your roof repairs, they might also deny your claim. Here's a quick process you can follow to get some financial assistance out from your insurance company.

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Roof Financing

Need a new roof but you can't afford it? We can find the right financing assistance for you. We can help you keep your home and family protected with payment plans that suits your budget. Learn more! Here's what you can do if you can't afford roof repair or replacement

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Roof Repair Vienna Va

When it comes to fixing a damaged home, it's important to act fast. That's why we offer the fastest response and reaction time. We've been in the roofing business for a long time and have a great understanding of the neighborhood and its culture. We have the tools and know-how to make repairs and add value to your house. We'll work with you to get the job done right away, document any roof damage for insurance, and then come up with a plan to get your house back to normal.

Even a tiny leak can cause a lot of damage to your home, so it's important to get it fixed right away. We have experienced roofers who have been in the business for a long time, and they know how to fix both flat roofs and sloped roofs. The first step is to make sure your roof is strong enough to protect you and your business from the weather. Then, we'll do a full restoration to make sure it stays in good shape and can keep protecting you for years to come.

Roof Replacement Vienna Va

When the weather changes drastically in Vienna, VA, it can speed up the deterioration of your roof, leading to cracks, missing or damaged shingles and the dreaded water leaks. Your roof should be checked every 10 to 15 years for damage. A typical asphalt roof can last up to 30 years, but regular maintenance and an inspection at 20 years is critical for your home’s longevity. If extensive weather or structural damage renders it impossible to repair the current condition of your roof, the next step is to replace it.

Roofers of Arlington takes the hassle out of replacing your roof. As Vienna's top roofing contractor, we offer the highest quality home remodeling in Virginia. We turn an unsightly problem into an attractive solution by using industry leading materials and expertise. Your new roof will be insulated to keep you warm at all times and reduce your energy costs. It will also protect your home from leaks, mould, and other damages. Your brand new roof will reduce your future maintenance costs and will be long lasting and beautiful.

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We are very impressed with the excellent results produced by this company. Not only you are guaranteed to deal with professional staff and contractor but this company can guarantee quality and quick service and recommends alternatives when applicable. Definitely will recommend their service

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do roofers have to be licensed in Vienna, VA?


Roofing contractors in Vienna, VA, are required to be licensed. Their licenses come in three levels:

  • Class A: allows work on projects worth up to $10,000
  • Class B: projects with a value of up to $120,000 can be undertaken
  • Class C: Licenses are unlimited

Who installs metal roofs near me?


Metal roofs are popular among Vienna homeowners because of their distinct advantages over other types of roofs. Their advantages include durability, lightweight, easy installation, and fireproof properties. It is possible to pick from a variety of colors and styles. Roofing of Arlington specializes in installing, repairing, and replacing metal roofs, and our highly skilled roofers are committed to consistent quality.

How much does a new roof cost in Vienna, VA?


In Vienna, VA, the average cost of installing an asphalt-shingled roof for a 1,500-square-foot roof is $6,573. However, the price will vary according to the individual home. You may pay less if your home is smaller or more if you choose a different material. Additionally, if you have a detached garage or a larger home with additional roofing to install, the cost of your new roof may be higher. New roofing can cost as little as $2,910.00 or as much as $11,437, depending on the scope of the project.

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