Roof Foam Coating in Arlington Va

Roof foam coatings are waterproof, paint-like compounds that provide high durability and long-lasting weather protection.

Roof Foam Coating: Smart Alternative to Roof Replacement.

There is a lot to consider when replacing the roof of your house or commercial building. Besides being financially challenging, it can be a disruptive and inconvenient process that could shut down your business or daily routine.

You do not necessarily have to replace your roof every time. A foam roof coating Arlington Va will be the best solution for your roof in many cases. It costs about half as much as a complete roof replacement. Generally, no more than 25% of the roof is removed and replaced. A complete roof replacement involves removing and replacing the entire roof.

Warranty periods for roof coatings range from 10 to 20 years; materials and labor costs are both covered under this warranty. For example, if you buy a coating system today with a 10-year warranty, contractors will typically require a coating thickness of 20 mils. In 10 years, the 20 mils concerned with the coating could be between 7 and 8 mils. The property owner can get the renovation done on the roof, the new coating level raised to 20 mils, and the new 10-year warranty reissued. This course of action can be finished repeatedly to safeguard the building owner's interests and finances over time.

Features and Benefits

An effective solution at an affordable price

As opposed to installing a completely new roof, coating a foam roof is a cost-effective and economical solution. You don't have to shell out a lot of money on roofing materials and the tedious hours of work involved in a roof replacement task.

Our roofing foam coatings are affordable and easy to install. We spray the coating onto your existing roof system and allow it to cure. It is also an efficient process, which reduces the need to shut down your building for major roofing repairs.

Increased efficiency in energy usage

Foam roof coatings allow your building to become more energy-efficient. Saving money on energy is a good thing for you.

Coatings reflect sunlight and reduce the amount of energy needed to cool a building. Coatings also help keep warm air in during the winter months. With a new roof coating, you can greatly reduce your heating and cooling costs.

There is a reduction in the signs of aging

Over time, your roof may look rough and detract from your building's aesthetics. A roof foam coating is an excellent solution if you want to remodel your home or business but do not want to spend a lot of money on a brand-new roof.

The coating is applied directly to your roof after being cleared of debris. Your old roof will look brand new with this coating that reduces the signs of aging. The end result is a roof that looks brand new and feels good to the touch.

Eco-friendly Roofing Products

A roof replacement costs a lot of money in materials and labor and wastes a lot of landfill space. As an alternative, adding a foam roof coating prevents hazardous materials from being dumped in landfills already overburdened.

As a bonus, coatings are designed to have the lowest environmental impact compared to many toxic products typically used in commercial roofing. Those looking for greener options would do well to consider a roof coating. When you add its energy-saving benefits, you have a powerful combination.


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Work Order

Step 1

We'll contact you

Our offices will contact you ahead of time to coordinate your service, select materials, and ensure that your roof gets the care it needs.

Step 2

Protection of Personal Property

Your contractor's task will be to safeguard your property while fixing your roof. For siding, plants, walls, and shrubs, plywood and tarps are utilized for protection.

Step 3

When repairing an old roof

The old roof covering will be removed for a thorough inspection of the wooden substrate.

Step 4

The Inspection

During your examination, any rotten, soft, or moist wood will be replaced. This is required to guarantee a sturdy foundation for your roofing construction. This ensures that your shingles will not be damaged. Your roof's wood sheeting will be examined to ensure that it is properly fastened.

Step 5

Preparing Your Roof's Surface

The drip edge is fitted at all of your roof's edges once your wood decking has been prepped. This is a 90-degree bend in metal that prevents rain from leaking beneath your roofing material at the borders.

Step 6

Protection against water and ice

Installing a roof liner that will prevent any water leakage on your roof. It should be installed at all roof penetrations, such as roof joints, pipe flanges and chimneys, as well as at the bottom of the roof. This will prevent water and ice from penetrating the wood decking. This can cause cracks that will weaken the structure.

Step 7

Roofing Materials Will Be Installed

The base of your roof will be ready for the contractor to start laying materials as soon as all the necessary steps have been completed. The roofer will work from the bottom up. When ridge flashing, ridge vents and flashing need to be installed, they follow a specific procedure.

Step 8


Every day, the job site should be cleaned. Professional roofers think that when they depart, the site should be cleaner than when they came.

Step 9

Inspection at the End

Following the completion of your roofing replacement, you should conduct a thorough examination. It's critical to ensure that your roof was done correctly and that you approve of it.

Finding A Professional Roof Foam Coating Contractor

Roof foam coatings serve as a specialized form of insulation spraying onto roofs to offer protection from the elements. In addition to keeping out moisture, debris, and pests, foam spray roofing also creates a seal that cures quickly. This can also help homeowners save money on heating and cooling. In addition, your home's energy efficiency will be improved by the coating since it seals cracks and gaps in the roof surface. Applying roofing foam insulation can also help reduce moisture infiltration and thermal bridges.

Roofers of Arlington specializes in Roof Foam Coating. We've got lots of experience with sprayed polyurethane foam roofs or urethane roofing, coated foam roofs, poly foam roofs, commercial spray foam roofing, and other roofing foam insulation projects. You can count on our experienced and seasoned team for smart and cool roof foam and coating services. We take great pride in being recognized as the leading polyurethane foam roofing contractor in the Northern Virginia and Washington, D.C. area. Get in touch with us for a phone consultation. Our team is available to assist you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the lifespan of roofing foam insulation?


Spray foam insulation can last as long as your building if appropriately applied. Even roofing foam applications can last up to 30 years with proper long-term maintenance. When sprayed foam dries, it maintains its rigidity on virtually any surface.

Why should I use a roof foam coating to restore my roof?


Roof foam coatings are a popular and affordable way to repair and protect your roof. The flexible material can be applied to most surfaces, and it foams to create a watertight seal. This makes it an ideal option for repairing leaks and other damage. Roof foam coatings also protect from the elements, making them an excellent choice for climates that experience extreme weather conditions. When choosing a roof foam coating, select products that suit your needs. Many different types of roof foam coatings are available, so be sure to research the options before making a purchase.

Do foam roofs require a lot of maintenance?


One of the best things about foam roofs is their easy maintenance. The roof service can be patched with polyurethane caulking if it gets penetrated by wind, dropped tools, etc. Many coating choices with UV protection range from 5-20 years. Having the roof re-coated on time will bring it back to life.

In contrast to some roof systems, the foam has a monolithic surface and doesn't shrink, so there are no patched seams that deteriorate, separate, or leak as the roof ages.