Composite Roofing Replacement In Arlington Va

Get lifetime value and peace of mind from your composite roof replacement. Known as the top roofing contractor in the DMV (DC, Maryland, and Virginia) area, Roofers of Arlington guarantee cost-effective solutions and absolutes result in all your roofing needs. You can trust our skilled and certified roofing contractor to get the job done right the first time: new installation, repairs, or replacement.

Composite Roofing Contractor

Founded in 2009, Roofers of Arlington has served homeowners and businesses in the DMV area for over 12 years with unmatched service and quality workmanship.

Voted as Northern Virginia's top roofing contractor, our certified and highly skilled roof specialists provide homeowners and businesses quality services at a competitive price. Whether it's a composite roof repair or composite roof replacement at a competitive price, we offer a wide variety of choices and cost-effective materials that will give you both aesthetics and durability.

We have partnered with the most prominent composite brands for decades, brands that have been at the forefront of innovation ever since. Their quality products combined with unparalleled warranty give homes an added value that cannot be matched by other composite materials today!

Products Offered

Roofers of Arlington install only the highest quality materials known in the market.

As Arlington Va trusted roof replacement contractor, we have always used top-quality composite materials.

With excellent gripping power, a unique triple layer perfect fastener against wind uplift, a limited lifetime security, superior 130 mph wind warranty, and rich color options, the composite materials not only guarantee strength and durability but the aesthetics you need in your home.

A new roof is the best way to change the look of your house without doing any major renovations. Composite materials come in various colors that will help you coordinate the look of your exterior with ease and offer spectacular curb appeal.

Not only do shingles look great, but they also have advanced performance and durability. You can trust Roofing Arlington Va to give you a roof that will last for years. Our certified, highly skilled, insured, and bonded roof replacement contactor would be happy to discuss your options and help you choose the perfect shingles for your home.

If you need a roof that will make your home look fabulous and last for years, composite shingles are perfect!

Composite Roofing ensures that your roof will stay in place through any weather condition. At the same time, the bold, dimensional appearance of our most popular colors will give your home an updated look.

Our composite shingles have been tested to withstand winds up to 130 mph! With a lifetime limited warranty on all our products that give you peace of mind.

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Features and Benefits

Cost-effective and Durability

Synthetic composite roof materials like asphalt shingles are the best alternative to traditional materials such as slate and wood. Not only are composition shingles affordable and durable, but they also shield your structure from harmful UV rays that help cut down on energy costs while preventing mold, algae, or fungus growth, wreaking havoc on other roof types.


Composition roofs provide longevity. Composite roof materials are designed to provide you with a fantastic product that will last anywhere between 30-50 years.

Environmentally Friendly

Yes, you read that right! they are environmentally friendly. Composite tile roof or shingles are made with recycled materials and paper, making them environmentally friendly.

Fire and Damage Resistant

They also provide excellent damage, are fire-resistant, and require little maintenance. Composite Shingles are incredibly durable. Their tough exterior makes them resistant to hail, rain, or heavy snowfall while remaining safe from wind-driven damage! For any homeowner, this is critical for peace of mind and cost savings because you know your roof won't fall apart during harsh weather conditions when it's most needed.

Roofers of Arlington has provided high-quality service and workmanship to residential and commercial properties for over 15 years.

In our years of excellence and expertise, we know how important it is to get the job done right with quality materials through streamlined process, transparency and, integrity.

We strive to meet all requirements and take pride in the quality of our workmanship. Our professional roofing contractors are committed to providing a seamless process from beginning to end. The years of knowledge and experience that we earned in the roofing and construction industry guarantee each of our clients an absolute result that promises the aesthetics and longevity they deserve.

As a top-tier roofing company specializing in providing quality services at a competitive price.
We provide:

  • Composite roof replacement
  • PVC roof replacement
  • Metal roof replacement
  • Aluminum composite roofing
  • Composite metal roof replacement

Our team guarantees to bring your home vision into a reality. Our years of expertise in this industry made us an excellent choice as contractors from around the DMV area! Our licensed contractor specializes in all roofing your needs: residential and commercial roof replacements, repairs, and new installation. Providing every homeowner with a wide range of options and styles: pitch or flat, we got everything you need. We promise to build it right the first time. Call us today to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a composite roof?


Composite roofs are synthetic shingles made of recycled materials designed to mimic slate cedar or shake roofs; the only difference is that they come with a lifetime limited warranty compared to traditional ones.

How long will a composite roof last?


Composite shingle roofs can last up to 50 years when properly cared for, but roofs' lifespan can be shortened due to weather conditions and other factors. However, annual roof maintenance will keep your roof performing at its best while looking beautiful!

How much does a composite roof replacement cost?


The price will vary based on the size of the roof, style, and which material is chosen. Our experts can provide you with a free estimate and help you decide that fits into both budgets and long-term needs.

Can I Install a composite roof on my own?


Experts in Northern Virginia recommend hiring a licensed, bonded, and insured roofing professional for any job that requires expertise. You need someone with the proper training to do it safely and effectively! This delicate procedure should only be handled by an experienced hand from start to finish.

Difference between singles


Architectural are thicker laminated shingles and are the highest quality, while the three-tab material consists of one layer, making it much more prone to water penetration. On the other hand, luxury shingles are the most expensive option, the heaviest, and the thickest.

Does shingle affect the home's resale value?


When selling your home, color is one thing potential buyers will consider. Keep in mind what color may work best for different aspects of the house, such as siding and trimming boards on a property; this way, you can maximize its appeal by matching up complementary hues. Research shows that darker shades like black and neutral colors tend to look great and bring higher resale values.